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An airline is a company that provides air transportation services for both passengers and freight. Airlines often rent aircraft from other companies or own their aircraft and can form partnerships or alliances with other airlines for mutual benefits.

Airlines vary in size, with the smallest performing single-carrier services that carry mail or packages, and the large, international airlines that offer complete services and operate a fleet of hundreds of aircraft. Air transport services can be classified as intercontinental, intra-continental, local, regional or international or charter.

The term “low cost” for an airline

A low-cost airline or low-cost airline is an airline that provides passenger tickets at very low prices by eliminating services that are normally paid for at cost. The concept is a relatively new one, first appearing in the United States from where it spread rapidly in Europe in the 1990s. The term low-cost was initially representative of airlines that managed to have lower costs than other competitors. Later, thanks to the public who got the idea and who increasingly preferred these types of flights, low cost, the term began to refer to the airlines that offer tickets at very low prices by eliminating some services and implicitly taxes.

Usually, airlines that operate low-cost travel services have the following characteristics:

  • a single class of passengers, economics;
  • a single aircraft model, which will reduce personnel training and maintenance costs;
  • most of the time, simple non-connecting flights;
  • unreserved and random places;
  • the use of secondary airports with low taxes;
  • short-term flights;
  • maximum use of seats on the plane;
  • online payment, which reduces personnel costs;
  • costs incurred by customers, such as extra charges for luggage hold and airport check-in;
  • eliminating free food and drink from airplanes and offering them only at costs paid by passengers;

Also, the types of airlines that operate low-cost flights are with hundreds all over the world and obviously are at the top of the preferences of the passengers. In the following article, we will talk about one of them, namely

Vueling Airlines is a Spanish low-cost airline with headquarters in Barcelona, ​​with hubs at Barcelona-El Prat Airport and Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport in Rome, Italy, as well as 14 operating bases. in Brussels, France, the Netherlands, and Spain. It is the largest airline with low costs in Spain, due to the fleet of aircraft and the number of destinations it performs. Vueling offers air services to 130 destinations in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East and of course dozens of domestic flights in Spain.

The aircraft of this company have only one cabin destined for the economy class, and the passengers can pay additional costs to benefit from the better seats, with spaces standing or in front of the airplane.

Vueling not only offers plane travel services, through it, but you can also book hotel reservations as well as car rental services. The prices for these are relatively low and generally depend on certain facilities for which extra fees are paid, such as for extra luggage or for sports equipment or for food onboard. And the flights made with this company have good rates, being a low-cost company, intended for less demanding passengers.

Vueling is one of the most used passenger companies in Europe. This company has pretty good reviews, if it is to be guided by the reviews for Vueling airlines and by the score it has on the review sites.

Vueling reviews reach a score of over 4 stars, out of the maximum 5 possible, granted by the clients who have benefited from the services offered by this company. New Vueling airline reviews have an average of 4 points for any service category, specifically for: Legroom, seat comfort, In-flight entertainment (Wi-Fi, TV, films), Onboard Experience, Customer service, Value for money, Cleanliness, Check-in and boarding, and Food and beverage.

Vueling reward program

Vueling Airlines, in addition to providing low-cost travel services, offers customers a rewards program through which a member can benefit from multiple benefits. Therefore, we talk about the “Punto” or “Avios” program, through which any member will be able to save money by using the services offered by the company more frequently.

“Punto” is a rewards program initiated by Vueling, with a number of benefits for those who become members. The rewards program “Punto” of Vueling, gives the clients benefits by accumulating points, following the use of the services of the company and which they can subsequently redeem by “buying” services.

Accumulation of Reward Points in the Vueling program

The accumulation of reward points is based on two award levels:

  • Basic: for every 1 Eur spent, you receive 3 reward points;
  • Optima, Family, Timeflex: for every 1 Eur, I spend 4 reward points;

For the Premium member who book flights operated by Vueling: double the points from the Vueling Club account.

Collecting points for free flights when you book with Vueling

You can collect points in your Vueling Club account with all the flights you book through or Iberia( affiliate partner)

If the flight is booked through and operated by Vueling, you can collect points for the price of the ticket. If the flight is operated by Iberia, the number of points you collect depends on the distance you fly.

For flights booked through Iberia and operated by Vueling or Iberia, the number of points you collect depends on the distance you fly.

Every time you book with Vueling you can collect points also in Iberia Plus account.

Luggage policy of the Vueling low-cost company

Vueling, with the rights reserved, allows up to 23 kg of luggage to be taken on board, which involves additional costs between 8 and 16 euros, depending on the destination.

 A piece of luggage and personal belongings are allowed by Vueling, free of charge. The carry-on luggage should not weigh more than 10 kg, and the outer dimensions must be 55cm X 40cm X 20cm.

Excess baggage fees allowed by Vueling – any baggage weighing over 23 kg will be paid at the cost of 10 euros for each additional kilogram. Each passenger can have a combined maximum weight of 50 kg of total luggage and each luggage can weigh up to 32 kg.

Sports equipment is accepted, but with additional costs of 45 euros per piece.

About Vueling discount code 2020

We all heard, or seen at least once, on the internet about discount coupons. These are a series that will allow, by introducing them at the end of a reservation or purchase, the reduction in certain percentages for the total amounts of payment when purchasing certain goods, be they products or services.

Vueling discount codes, Vueling promo codes and Vueling coupons can be obtained from coupon sites. One of these is Coupon Imperial, which “works” with this airline and offers Vueling voucher code, and Vueling discount code, free of charge, provided you have an account to log on to the site.

You can find Vueling promo codes and Vueling coupons, accessing the coupon site, searching for the company by its name and selecting and copying the discount code. The code will have to be introduced in the special offers field from the end of a flight reservation and will generate a specified reduction from the total payment amount.

Note that coupon codes for Vueling are in fact the special offers that this company organizes for its customers, which means that the discount is offered by the airline and not by Coupon Imperial, the coupon site. He is not responsible for the validity of a coupon. So it is possible for the site to find coupons like “Vueling discount code 2018”, which are obviously expired and will not be validated. Coupon codes are valid as long as the promotion offered by Vueling is still valid.

Vueling is an airline that offers its customers multiple benefits, which makes it extremely accessible and requested for the special services and prices it offers to passengers. It is definitely one of the most preferred airlines in Europe, due to the low prices it offers when booking air tickets. We hope that the article was useful and that the information provided will make you understand how a low-cost company operates and how you can use promo coupons to get extra discounts.

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